Next-generation Marketing Automation software to grow your business

Manage leads, track sales and automate your marketing.


More than just Marketing Automation

Whether you want to increase your leads, accelerate sales, or improve your process, Smartdesk has the solution to help you grow.

Content Management Solution

Manage your Website
Get easy access to make content updates in real time with custom user permissions and version control.


Track your Leads
Our solution makes it easy to manage all your contacts, opportunities and prospects all in one location.


Automate your Marketing
Our custom marketing automation environment allows for custom triggers based on your goals and targets.

Project Management

Organize Teams & Projects
Assign teams to projects and manage multiple tasks in one environment

Customer Relationship Management

Private Client Area
Create a private area for your customers to interact with you.

Document Management

Manage Governance
Manage the security of controlled document management and increased corporate compliance.

The next generation of Marketing Automation

The all in one platform to manage leads, sales and marketing


Automate Your Sales Process

Setup your own custom sales process and track changes when automated events are triggered. With our sales dashboard you will know what your pipeline is worth at any time. Most importantly you can see in real time the performance of an individual sales rep, sales manager, or the entire sales force.


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